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CityTour 2: Tour with visit VW-museum

Arrangement Den Bosch with visit VW-museum

This is quite a special arrangement: in a classic van along authentic places and visiting a Volkswagen-museum.

The pick-up point is The Parade at Den Bosch, which is the square near Sint John's Cathedral, near bus stop line 80 (transferium line).

We start at St John's Cathedral. In the year 1380, they started building the Sint John’s Cathedral and 150 years later it was finished.
Through the oldest part of Den Bosch, Orthen, we drive out of Den Bosch.

We cross the river Maas and continue our route along several small towns. The most beautiful place is the fortified town of Heusden. Here we will stop for an extensive lunch in an atmospheric harbour-side eatery. If you prefer not to have lunch, then choose coffee/tea with a piece of apple pie.
After having eaten something delicious here, the classic Volkswagen Van will be waiting for you again.

We continue our way towards the Volkswagen museum. The guide will join you for a visit to the museum. It is a private museum and is the first museum for the Air-cooled Volkswagen in the Netherlands!
At the museum, you can watch a film about the origins of the Volkswagen (Beetle and Van), supplemented by old Polygon newsreel footage. You can visit the museum on your own. There is also the opportunity to take a look in the gift shop and the Volkswagen parts warehouse, specialising in Volkswagen beetle parts.

The museum houses a beautiful Spectacled Beetle. Also take a look at the Gelb Swartser Renner, a special Beetle in yellow and black colours. About 50 of these Beetles remain worldwide. Also note the special red VW logo on the steering wheel.
The Volkswagen Museum also has a very special and rare Beetle-based Cabriolet. Hebmüller Volkswagen cabriolet, The Hebmüller cabriolet (type 14A), a two-seater, was built between 1949 and 1952 by the Hebmüller coachworks near Wuppertal. Of the total 696 units produced, an estimated few dozen still exist today.

After about 1 to 1.5 hours admiring the various air-cooled Volkswagen, we say goodbye to the Volkswagen museum and get back in the classic Volkswagen Van.

We take a different route back and pass through the 7 streets village of Bokhoven.
Slightly northwest of 's-Hertogenbosch, the pretty old village of Bokhoven lies on the river Maas. It is only seven streets large and has about 300 inhabitants.
Via the "Haverleij" (castle houses), we arrive back in Den Bosch at about 16:30. Equipped with many impressions gained, we came to the end of this fun and interesting afternoon.


  • The entire afternoon accompanied by the guide,
  • Museum tickets,
  • Film: Genesis of Volkswagen and old newsreel footage,
  • Enjoyin in a Volkswagen van, a real oldtimer

Possibly extendable with:

  • Extensive lunch including 2 refreshments,
  • 1 consumption with apple pie,
  • Bossche Bol with coffee/tea (prior to the tourist tour)

Useful information and prices tourist day tour Den Bosch

When to book: Every saturday and from 1 June to 31 October, also on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Any other date is also possible, but always by arrangement (to do with the opening hours of the museum and the other locations).

If you are with 1 or 2 persons, we charge a small supplement.
More info: +31 6-24 944 682.

The museum (on the 1e floor) is not wheelchair accessible. (See photo.)

Het museum (op de 1e etage) is niet rolstoel-toegankelijkThe museum is not wheelchair accessible

Het VW-busje bij de Sint-Jan.

Arrangement 1

€ 45,- per person

(from 3 persons)

  • museum visit,
  • Volkswagen-movie.

Start tour 12:00


Arrangement 2

€ 55,- per person

(from 3 persons)

  • museum visit,
  • Volkswagen-movie,
  • consumption with apple pie.

Start tour 11:00 a.m.

Kerk Bokhoven

Arrangement 3

€ 65,- per person

(from 3 persons)

  • museum visit,
  • Volkswagen-movie,
  • extensive lunch.

Start tour 11:00 a.m.

Bossche bol

Arrangement 4

€ 70,- per person

(from 3 persons)

  • museum visit,
  • Volkswagen-movie,
  • extensive lunch,
  • coffee/tea with a
    Bossche Bol beforehand.
Start tour 10:30 a.m.

Request for a tour with VW museum visit