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  • without windows and furniture in the rear
  • with raised ceiling
  • with movable seats
  • with more comfortable decor
  • with skylight windows and retractable sunroof
  • pick-up
  • pick-up with double row of seats
  • motorhome (built by Karmann, Devon, Dormobile, Westfalia and Winnebago Industries)
  • with both camping, loading and passenger space

VW Type 2 1975

De VW Bus

It is a beautiful, original and in good condition Volkswagen bus from 1975. Originally the VW bus was owned by the municipal government in Linz in Austria. This microbus came to the Netherlands in August 2001 and has been serving CityTours' sH for some time now.

The correct designation for the VW CityTours' sH bus is Type2. The precursor is the Type 1, the VW van with a metal bar in the middle of the windshield. The idea for the van comes from the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon. On April 23, 1947, during a visit to the Volkswagen factory, he saw a transport car based on the VW Beetle. With this transport vehicle as a starting point, he sketched a van. Initially, the bottom plate of the VW Beetle was taken as the starting point, but it turned out to be too weak and they were replaced by a ladder chassis with a self-supporting body. The rounded corners have their origin in the wind tunnel. The air resistance of the bus was lower than that of the Beetle.

The series production started on March 8, 1950. The van was the first car in which the driver was right above the front axle, this was later taken over by many competitors. A flat loading floor was unfortunately not possible because the engine was in the back. This was a legacy of the beetle that served as the starting point for the bus.

The first vans had no sliding door on the side, but 2 swinging doors. In 1967 the second generation Type 2 was introduced under the name Panorama bus. The name Panorama bus applied to the large windscreen, a curved windscreen without a central pillar. The models from before 1971 are called T2a and the models from 1972 to 1980 T2b. So the original name for the CityTours' sH bus is: T2b. The bus is from 1975 and originally had a 1.3L engine. Later it was replaced by a 1.6 L. engine which delivers 50 DIN HP.